The Band

The band came together when Simon Murphy met Charles Fentiman when they were both guesting for a local band; Good Question. They persuaded Steve Barnes that he needed to drum for two bands as one simply wasn't enough. After a few rehearsals it became clear that without a vocalist it was difficult to get the structure they all wanted, so an old school friend of Simon's, Terry Wilcox, was asked if he would step in.


After getting a basic set together and doing a few support slots with the occassional headline, Steve announced that he wanted to retire from drumming to focus on his family and cycling. Given that he had to rehearse twice as much as everyone else, and his fantasic double garage, complete with sound proofing, was the normal venue, it's understandable that something had to give.


The band hunted around for another drummer, and after a couple of tries, decided to contact an old mate of Simon & Terry's who they hadn't seen for a few years. They weren't even sure if he was still drumming. Via a common friend contact was made and it became clear Pete Broadhead was sort of looking for something new to do. After just one rehearsal it was obvious that Pete would fit right in, despite very little preparation time he soon picked up the beat and since joining has brought a new dimension to the band.


Simon Murphy - Lead Guitar

Charles Fentiman - Bass & Backing Vocals

Terry Wilcox - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Pete Broadhead - Drums & Backing Vocals

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