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We try to do a select number of dates each year, we are not out every weekend, that's not why we do this! When we perform we are ready, and raring to go!


Upcoming Events - come back for updates


February 4th - The Sunflower Lounge - Sandwell Lions Charity Event

February 17th - The Dog Inn, Water Orton

May 27th - Concert For Flo, Curdworth Village Hall

June 24th - The Griffin Inn, Shustoke

July 22nd - The Dog Inn, Water Orton

August 12th - Coleshill Tennis Club

August 26th - Dogfest, the Dog Inn, Water Orton

October 28th - The Dog Inn, Water Orton


Historocal events




June 4th - Curdworth Jubilee

July 30th - The Dog Inn, Water Orton

August 27th - DogFest - The Dog Inn, Water Orton



September 21st - Old Edwardians - Alzheimers Society Fundraiser

October 9th - Coleshill Tennis Club

November 13th - Maxstoke Village Hall


**  Covid somewhat curtailed our activity in 2020 and in to 2021 **


February 29th - Fillongly Village Hall




March 16th - Private Function, Solihull

March 30th - Private Function, Coleshill

May 4th - The Owl, Lichfield (beer festival, 6pm - 8pm)

May 18th - Village Hall, Fillongly

June 8th - Church End Cider Festival, Ridge Lane

September 21st - Village Hall, Maxstoke

September 28th - Thimblemill Library, Smethwick

November 9th - Private Function, Coleshill

November 30th - Red Lion, Shirley


January 20th - Private Function, Warwick

February 17th - Private Function, Birmingham

March 17th - Private Function, Solihull

March 24th - Red Lion, Shirley

April 20th - Private Function, Maxstoke

June 22nd - Griffin Beer Festival, Shustoke - POSTPONED

September 8th - Village Hall, Maxstoke

October 5th - Thimblemill Library, Smethwick

November 17th - Red Lion, Shirley


February 4th - Red Lion, Shirley

February 17th - Private Function, Birmingham

March 11th - Village Hall, Maxstoke

April 29th - Lady Lane Wharf, Solihull

June 23rd - Griffin Beer Festival, Shustoke

June 24th - Lady Lane Wharf Beer Festival (Afternoon)

October 14th - Fund Raising event, Curdworth Village Hall

November 18th - Red Lion Shirley



February 20th - Private Function, Solihull

April 23rd - Red Lion, Shirley

May 7th - Lady Lane Wharf, Earlswood

May 14th - Private Function, Coleshill

June 18th - Private Function, Stratford

September 9th - Private Function, Warwick

December 10th - Private Function, Birmingham

December 17th - Private Function, Solihull


          January 16th - Private Function, Maxstoke

March 7th - Private Function, West Bromwich

June 20th - Red Lion, Shirley

September 19th - Village Hall, Maxstoke

October 23rd - Private Function, Birmingham

November 28th - Village Hall, Curdworth


March 28th - Red Lion, Shirley

June 14th - Private Function, Lichfield

August 15th - Private Function, Solihull

September 26th - Private Function, Coleshill

October 11th - Village Hall, Curdworth (Charity Night)

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know the band. If you want to get in touch you can email or why not visit our facebook page 

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